what sets us apart

It’s not just the coaching it’s the philosophy that makes the difference 

At CB Coaching academy every single session we deliver has the F.U>N  Philosophy as the underpinning structure of our sessions. Read more about our F.U.N philosophy below and how that increase development.

Freedom of expression

During sessions players are provided the opportunity to experiment and express themselves in their own way on the ball, we find players who can express themselves on the pitch become more confident and creates a happy player. Players develop quicker when they are happy and confident  


Our coaches will use an array of communication methods, to explain technical and tactical aspects of the game, it’s not just throwing a skill for the purpose of doing a skill, It’s about the right skill at the right time, that allows you to take advantage of the opposition. No matter if it’s a group session, a 1-2-1 or on our camps we have a proven track record of developing players.

Neutral Environment

We create a positive environment that creates curious players that fall in love with the game and want to not just learn but understand that mistakes are part of the learning process. our error reframing methods see’s players increase effort and focus, making them develop quicker and perform better with their teams.